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The Nissan Consult 14 pin diagnostic interface that pairs with your PC using a high-speed USB connection and is compatible with a wide range of available third party software. This version is fitted with a mini USB port that's more compact than the older RS232 connection version. It's compatible with most Nissan vehicles from 1989-2000 equipped. Nissan names, logos, product names, feature names, and slogans are trademarks owned by or licensed to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., and/or its North American subsidiaries. Other trademarks and trade.

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Thank you for using our software library. Using the link given below and proceeding to the developer's website in order to download NISSAN Connect PC Tool was possible when we last checked. We cannot confirm if there is a free download of this software available. Then, Nissan consult 3 plus v75.20 software will work greatly. Fly Nissan consult 3 plus software te…. Nissan Consult 2 Software Free Download. uninalnon1973's Ownd. This Page Contains information about Free Nissan Conzult Downloads Software ECC Computer Diagnostic Connectors By zcar in category Interesting Topics with 2 Replies. [2146], Last Updated: Sun Jun 14, 2020.

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Release 16 Oct 2021. Main tuning software application. Install first. Nistune ROM File Pack 2.13 (EXE) Released 28 Feb 2022. – Standard Nissan ROM files and Nistune ENT program files. Install second. Nistune FP 2.0 ROM File Pack 2.12 (EXE) Released 28 Feb 2022. It says on the Consult III site that it's not for purchase by the general public, but designed by and for Nissan Maintenance shops only. You might be able to get some software aftermarket that may do some of the stuff, but an exact duplicate? Who knows? gtcomp, you're our resident computer genious here, get busy, son. NISSCAN. The Nissan DataScan I is intended for Nissan cars build between years 1989 and 2000. Majority of these cars are equipped with grey a 14 pin Consult I connecter. A list of cars that the software has been tested on is located on the NDSI Supported Vehicles page. The Nissan DataScan I software works with factory Nissan and Infiniti ECUs.

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Consult 3 can work well on Japanese domestic cars, Nissan and GTR (1996-2011). Setup in the software interface should be like this: Step 1 – go to settings. Step 2 – select country selection. Step 3 – select DOM. In Nissan Consult III software, Japanese domestic market is shorten as domestic; that is DOM, not JDM.

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Consult-3 Plus is the newest Nissan diagnostic tool, it can support all the models of the Nissan and Infinite from 1996 up till 2018 , cover all Consult II & III functions. Part 1.V32.11 Nissan Consult-3 III Plus Software Download. Part 2.Nissan Consult Plus Programming Feedback.

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Nissan DataScan II. Download. 3.4 on 14 votes. Nissan DataScan II is a program intended for Nissan cars equipped with gray 16 pin OBDII connecter and that use Consult II protocol over K line (DDL2). 3.For the DVDs V5.26,As buyer feedback 5.26 is difficult to install and Don't support WIn 10 well , And 6.10 is more avaliable for install and Win weDO NOT Shipthem together.But we will provide you download link. Top 5 Reasons to Get VAS 5054A: 1. With OKI Chip, supports UDS protocol with best quality 2. Newest software version. Free Download Nissan Consult 3 Plus V65.12 Software. Nissan Consult3 Plus v75.20 software installation: Tips: Uninstall the firewall, antivirus software. Install the Consult 3 plus V75.20 to the C drive in the "NTFS" format. Nissan Consult 3 Plus V65.12 & up adds ECU programming function without working with immobiliser card.

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A simple accounting software that gives you the tools to manage your accounts. This software is built for the empirical design of underground openings. It allows parents to consult the activity of their children. The software can be used to play logs from Nissan Data Voice in home. Top 6 Reasons to Get Nissan Consult 3 Plus: 1.Consult-3 plus = Consult-3 for Nissan + Consult-2 for Nissan 2.Software Version:_V75 3.Supports all the models of the Nissan and Infiniti from 1996 to 2018, with all Consult II & III functions. 4.Calculate the password for the new cars till year 2018 with NISSAN Password.

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The CONSULT III plus (C-III Plus) R2R diagnostic software can be installed on any off-the-shelf personal computer that meets CONSULT software operating specifications and can be used with a compliant SAE J2534 device. See system requirements below. Purchasing requires user to be registered on the Nissan or Infiniti TechInfo website. Nissan Consult 3 is a laptop-based diagnostic system using a Microsoft Windows (XP SP3) based user interface. Nissan Consult 3 supports all Nissan and Infinit vehicles from 1996 to 2012. Features: 1. Diagnostic efficiency and accurate repair 2. Enhanced diagnosis function to CAN network system 3. Downloading of reprogramming data 4. Newest Nissan Consult 3 Plus All Version Free Download What Nissan Consult 3 Plus? Nissan Consult III Plus is a diagnostic software special for Nissan,support all the models of the Nissan and Infiniti from 1996 up till now, with all Consult II & III functions.It can support all Nissan car,Infiniti carand Nissan GTR.

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Product Description. Consult 3 III for Nissan with Bluetooth is a professional diagnostic tool for Nissan cars. It support bluetooth and can diagnose the Nissan cars from different areas, such as Europe, Japanese, North American. This tool equipped with various function including simultaneous self-diagnosis of an entire system or data recorder. Nissan Consult III Plus Software Subscription. The CONSULT-III plus (C-III plus, C-III+) is the dealer diagnostic scanner tool was explicitly designed to support future technology requirements on Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. This dealer diagnostic tool used in Nissan Infinity dealership. Development of this new tool assists by the advice and. Car diagnostic softwares to download Last updated: Apr 01, 2022 – 2,967,829 million car softwares and files to download – 64,879 members registered Here you can lookup anything about car diagnostic softwares download with fully activated license for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Peugeot.

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Developer's Description. Currently, the program is able to work with a gasoline Nissans engines via two Nissan protocols (Nissan Consult-1 and Nissan Consult-2) – it is not OBDII. If you have an. Nissan Consult 4 Highlights and Software Free Download. As a laptop-based diagnostic system using Microsoft and Windows based user interface, Consult 4 diagnostic tool not only support all Nissan and Infiniti vehicles from 1996 to 2011, but also support GTR car diagnostics. 9.21.01.Golkes is a software package for diagnosing Nissan and Infiniti cars using a K-line adapter and a PC. Nissan Consult III allows you to diagnose the ECU, perform functions for adapting control units, functions for coding and programming, as well as reset errors. For full functionality, you must purchase an additional module to work with.

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Consult-3 Plus v83 v81 v75 for Nissan Download Free, 100% Tested Posted on December 3, 2018 by OBDII365 (12.2018) FREE download Nissan Consult 3 Plus latest version 83.11.00 and 81.11.00 software.

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Step 2: Choose Install the Consult III software automatically. Step 3: Choose JCI-iB-Alliance vehicle interface, just click next. Step 4: just click finish, completing Consult III hardware drive installation. How to Crack Nissan Consult III software, and configure Consult III software. Step 1: Open Consult III software on desktop. Nissan Consult IIIplus v73.20Programming Data 71.40. Year / Release Date 2018. Language Multilanguage. Description Program for diagnostics and reprogramming of NISSAN, INFINITI and DATSUN vehicles. Normal work is guaranteed only with the original card or a good clone Consult VI2. Nissan DataScan II 2.53 is free to download from our software library. The most frequent installation filenames for the program are: NDS II , NDS II , NDS II , Nissan DataScan and etc. The following versions: 2.5, 1.5 and 1.2 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users.

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The Nissan DataScan II for Android application supports factory Nissan and Infiniti engine ECUs. The Nissan DataScan I for Android is intended for older Nissan and Infiniti cars equipped with a 14-pin Consult I connecter. This app works with the same cars as our NDSI software for windows. This is a new product under continuous development. Nissan Consult Download, free nissan consult download software downloads.